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Spoken English

Spoken English


English is a universal language, as it is widely used all around the world. It unites people from all parts of the world as it is an important means of communication. Out of all modules of English, Spoken English is widely used in educational institutes, offices, social gatherings in many other situations. To make people desire as a part of their personality Spoken English is used. at Spoken English Classes in Chandigarh Mohali – ThinkEnglish offer courses for school students, college students, job aspirants and other people who want to learn this language. We start training people according to their level. It improves fluency, vocabulary, and grammar. Our main emphases are on interactive classes. It helps students to be confident while speaking in front of others. 


This course at Spoken English Classes in Chandigarh Mohali – ThinkEnglish is also necessary for those students who are working but are lacking in communication skills as it helps to learn Business etiquette.


We believe in making people reliable in every field, speaking good and effective English. For different people level is different according to their knowledge of speaking English. We help survivors in speaking and learning small to small word and achievers to use high vocabulary. Right course with trained faculty and positive environment. With the right course, one can make a good career plan for skilled trainers and positive environments and can fulfill it through his life. Know about best IELTS coaching institutes in Chandigarh Mohali here.


Spoken English Basic Course


Basic training is provided to those students who know English but it is difficult to write and talk, they have the less grammatical knowledge and they can not make enough sentences. The glossary is one of those students. These students help us to learn specific grammar, help develop vocabulary and improve reading ability, dialogue and pronunciation.


  • Basics of communication
  • Public speaking skills
  • English grammar in use
  • Personality development


Spoken English Advance Course


Advanced Spoken English Course to speak English fluently in the real world. Our Advanced Spoken English course is designed to boost your English speaking skills and confidence to the next level. Such coaching is for students who know English but they hesitate when working in English. They are trained both in basic and advanced English.


  • Accent Neutralisation
  • Personality Enhancement
  • Interview Skills
  • Storytelling
  • Presentations
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Business dealing etiquette
spoken english classes in chandigarh mohali