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List of Idioms to improve your Spoken English and IELTS

IELTS PTE Spoken English Classes Institute Chandigarh Mohali > ThinkEnglish  > List of Idioms to improve your Spoken English and IELTS

List of Idioms to improve your Spoken English and IELTS

Here are some more idioms and their meanings:


1. I get a kick out of the chance to solve two problems at once = I jump at the chance to complete two things in the same time.
2. Her heart’s in the right place = She has good intentions.
3. His lights are on, but no-one’s home = He’s stupid or distracted.
4. There are plenty more fish in the sea = There are many more men/women for you to meet.
5. When it rains it pours = When things are bad, they’re extremely bad.
6. He’s a cold fish = He has no strong emotions and can be unfriendly.
7. It’s better to take the road less traveled = It’s better to do things differently than to do the same things other people do.
8. In school I learned history by heart = I memorised history very well.
9. I’m the top dog in my company = I’m the boss of my company.
10. We’re on the same wavelength = we have the same thoughts and opinions.

We will update you with such more idioms… keep visiting this blog page and improve your Spoken English with spoken English classes in Chandigarh.