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After Joining Us, You will not Only Speak, Read, Write, Listen in English But Even Think in English.

Learning English is common practice nowadays but it is not sufficient for present competitive world. Time demands for smart English that needs great intellect not only to learn English but to ThinkEnglish.

IELTS and Spoken English Classes in Chandigarh

Why we are so special

We are offering English language programs to the students who desire to go abroad for study or to make career. We provide training to our students in IELTS, Spoken English and Interview Preparation. Around us, there are many institutes which promise you to provide good training but we are providing the best. As English has become present need of all fields, we conduct training programs for students in all aspects of English. We give the best to give the world the best.

ThinkEnglish Edge

  • English Training from Ex-IELTS Examiners/BEC Certified Top Experts.
  • Part-Time/Full-Time Job Offer for each student during Training.
  • ThinkEnglish Cloud Campus advantage not only during training, even after completion of training for life time.
  • Large Display LEDs in each Class-Room/Lab, Wi-Fi Labs.


  • Each Student will have Unique User ID and Password to Login to ThinkEnglish Cloud Campus 4.0 anytime…anywhere…
  • View Numerous Personality Development Videos anytime…anyhere…
  • Students will be able to download e-Books, e-Journals, Class Notes, Important Links and other study material.
  • Student Profile, Class Notes, Attendance, Performance, Notice-Board, Class Timings etc. Everything online.
  • Regular SMSes and E-mail.
  • Access through PCs, Laptops, Tablet PCs, Mobiles via internet.

ThinkEnglish Cloud Campus


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