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Basic Spoken English Training Institute in Mohali Chandigarh

ThinkEnglish provide Basic English speaking Course in Mohali, Chandigarh for beginners, housewifes, students, 10th-12th pass out students who want to improve their Spoken English.

In the Basic English Speaking Classes you will learn the basics of English speaking. Also, you will learn to speak fluent English. This is a comprehensive English course.

By joining our course you can improve yourself in following areas:


Course Contents
  1. Phonics
  2. Vowel-consonant combination
  3. Consonant-vowel combination
  4. Words & Sentences
  5. Names of days and months
  6. Time, seasons and directions
  7. Names of relationships
  8. Parts of the body and common ailments
  9. Silent letters
  10. Names of professions
  11. Singular and plural forms
  12. Homophones
  1. Functional words
  2. Prefixes and suffixes
  3. Multi-syllable words
  4. Simple requests
  5. Some useful expressions
  6. Simple sentences
  7. Instructions and directions
  8. Instructions in the negative
  9. Words related to travelling
  10. Basic conversation pieces
  11. Related exercises
Duration Module duration 40 hours Course duration 120 hours


Course Contents
  1. Words as names
  2. Determiners
  3. Location words
  4. Time words
  5. Patterns with 'be'
  6. Action words
  7. Various tenses
  8. Attitude words
  9. Let and Let's
  1. Reporting
  2. Instructions and Directions
  3. Connecting words
  4. Position words
  5. Describing words
  6. Comparatives
  7. Related exercises
  8. Enhanced conversation
Duration Module duration 40 hours Course duration 120 hours

Advance level 2

Course Contents Training Inputs
  1. Personal information
  2. Lubricants of life
  3. Power communication
  4. Daily activities
  5. Vocation & vacation
  6. Recalling the rules
  7. Checking your progress
  8. Software for success
  9. News & entertainment
  10. Health & fitness
  11. Narratives & reported speech
  12. Dream articulation
  13. Shipwreck
  1. Personalised coaching
  2. Pair and group activities
  3. Fluency drills
  4. Debate
  5. JAM
  6. Role play
  7. Game of life
  8. Public speaking
  9. Sentence antakshari
Duration Module duration 40 hours Course duration 120 hours

Business english

Course Contents

English used in the work environment, idiomatic phrases and vocabulary specific to each department, email etiquette, compilation and writing; how to receive and make business calls over telephone, writing reports, memos, business plans and official letters, body language, public speaking, assertiveness and presentation skills. This 40-hour course comprises of elements such as Business English and email writing and presentation skills each of 10 hours of which presentation in itself comprises of body language, public speaking and presentations; Telephone etiquette and business writing of 10 hours each.

Training Inputs
Hands on practice of each element with scores of writing exercises and presentation modules, video clippings and actual preparation of business plans, reports and
For Whom
  1. Executives and Managers who wish to have that cutting edge when it comes to business communication.
  2. Corporate houses who wish to hone these skills in their personnel. Each element that goes into Business Communication can be culled and offered as separate short modules.
Each student will be furnished with a text-cum-exercise book. Video modules are for classroom viewing only. Samples of Business reports, plans and presentations are included in the text book.
Duration 40 hours